UX & Visual design • I got a chance to design a Google Glass app but the app is super secret squirrel NDA. I didn't want to miss out on having a Glass app in my portfolio, so I gave myself a project to replace the one I can't show.

I volunteer with a specialized search and rescue group. There are a lot of challenges that go with search and rescue work, and one of them is dealing with using the radios to relay information that either can't be relayed well verbally or is best relayed passively so the guy or gal over the ledge in a harness can keep his or her hands free. The idea for this app is the person running the show on top would be able to see what's going on via Glass and give instructions based on what came over the viewer.

Check out the interactive Axure file.

App overview: workflow

Splash screen: Wireframe
The Glass interface is very small and needed to be kept as simple as possible. The menus needed to be very limited and a most likely command gets displayed at the bottom in quotes. 

Splash screen: Visual design

Camera screen: Wireframe
Keeping the menu limited makes for a cleaner experience of tiny screen projected right in front of your eye. The wearer needs to be able to navigate and take actions from voice command or simple up/down and enter clicks on the sides of the device.

Camera screen: Visual design

App running: Wireframe
Being able to use GoPro's ability to stream what it is capturing made it an ideal use for the Glass in a search and rescue usage. GoPro has a phone app that currently works in this manner, but in the field hands need to be kept free. Since the battery life of GoPros are very limited, it's helpful to have an indicator for the person who isn't wearing it. 

App running: Visual design