Visual design and some UX • I worked with a small team to bring the first Linux-based and wireless-capable media player to market, and helped design the software and hardware for the second generation. Although this is an older project, it remains one of my favorite experiences in design and collaboration. There was never a "no" from the team, only a "let's see if we can". 

See this? It's doesn't look that fancy, but consider that while we were working on it, there was no iPhone yet, and we started it to compete with the iPod, which had no wireless capabilities. The first version looked very much like an iPod knock-off, but it had a number of extra features you couldn't get on the iPod – streaming music from Rhapsody, skins to customize your player, a generator to make your own skins, and the ability to download whatever music and podcasts you might like. It was pretty robust as well. You can see the original ibiza Rhapsody in action:


My work with the ibiza Rhapsody included visual design, working with the team on UX, and making skins like this brown one which included animations like fog rolling in.

And the next version, complete with ironic rose petals...

About those rose petals, we knew Engadget was going do an article on us for the next version of the first player, which though it was clunky, was critically well-received. We didn't have time to hire a product photographer so we went with the irony of a silk pillow and rose petals.