Montana M • Montana is a big tourist destination and this logo is intended to be made into stickers, t-shirts, and various other items to celebrate the state. 

Tacoma Bites • Tacoma Bites is a cookie subscription service. Pay a fee and get deliveries of homemade cookies! It plays on the rough and gritty reputation Tacoma has.

Litropolis • Litropolis is a community for new writers to learn from established writers. It was developed and sponsored by Electric Story, a seller of eBooks. 

Harvest Pierce County • This logo was a collaborative piece for a program to help feed the unfortunate by harvesting extra fruit and vegetables people may be growing. I worked with another designer to come up with the final result.

Gatherball • Gatherball was originally an app meant to encourage people hanging out in person with each other more. It transitioned into a travel planning service.

Meevine • Meevine was a startup which developed Gatherball.