UX & Visual design • Agilysys is a software development company focusing on the hospitality industry. My role for Agilysys includes UX design, visual design, working closely with developers, and carrying inherited design forward to new and better standards, and developing and maintaining visual and interactive style guides. The big challenge with the work here is the complexity and heavy data management of the hotel industry.

Though the team used to be larger, I'm now solely responsible for the 180 page wireframe and visual design direction, leading the way in both interaction and visual design for the entire company's suite of products.

Booking: process
Booking will never be the most exciting part of running a hotel but it's important to to make it as easy as possible. Often I'll spend some time sketching out various approaches, trying to capture both obvious and out-of-the-box.

Booking: wireframe
After sketching some ideas out and talking through the merits with the PM, a direction gets fleshed out as a wireframe so we can revise and do some ad hoc testing. 

Booking: wireframe
Once the wireframe is as finished as it's likely to get, a visual mock up is created to make sure everything fits and still feels like it will work as expected, and to give the dev and QA teams something to work against.

Tape chart: wireframe
It's important for hotel staff to know who is in house, who is expected, who is departing, and who has left as well as who might be VIP, with a group, or is not allowed to be moved. 

Tape chart: visual design

Tape chart: visual design with key overlay

Rate plans: wireframe
Rate plans are one of the more complicated concepts a hotel has to deal with. Knowing when to raise prices, when to end a special deal, how many rooms to allocate, and what restrictions go on them can maximize profits or ruin the bottom line. The rate plan page sets the rate plans up as associates strategies with them.

Rate plans: visual design

Rate management calendar: wireframe

Rate management calendar: visual design

Version refresh: original
When I arrived, most of the look and feel of the product had been designed and settled by an outside company. My job was to carry it forward and extend it to new products. In working with the design there were often pain points that could have been made better by slight adjustments to the design, so I proposed a version 2 that lightened the color scheme and tightened up some of the spacing issues to give the user a more efficient and compact feel. 

Version refresh: version next

Online booking: original
This is what the customer originally saw -- hard on the eyes and difficult to understand what is expected.

Online booking: revised
In the revision, the customer gets a chance to see what the hotel offers both in terms of specials and regular offerings.

Online booking: original scheduler
The original scheduler is utilitarian and doesn't inspire a lot of trust. Too much space is given to age ranges of the guest, which are paired with sliders for some reason when most hotels don't break down ages that granularly. 

Online booking: redesigned scheduler
This is a great chance to get the guest excited about their visit. Swapping a previously mostly blank space with hero images and offers give the guest a chance to dream big.

Online booking: original room search
Booking a room is often a first impression of what a hotel can offer in terms of experience, so it's important to get it right in both workflow and visual impressions

Online booking: revised room search
Selecting rooms or services has a lot more to do with emotions than cold hard cash. Giving the guest a glimpse of the rooms allows them to image what it'd be like to visit and makes the abstract more concrete. Exposing rate plans such as "Best Available Rate" makes them feel they are getting a great deal and increasing the likelihood of booking. 

Online booking: redesigned packages
The old version of the booking page didn't give an opportunity to promote packages and other up sell options. It's also a great way of educating the guest on what else the hotel offers.