Unifi: Android player
I worked with a really great team on the Unifi project at RealNetworks. The project never shipped, but did enjoy working on this Android media player. The project was originally part of the ibiza Rhapsody project which was acquired by RealNetworks when the corporation bought Varia Mobile, the company making the ibiza Rhapsody.

The Unifi project indexed all the music, photo, and video files on any computer or device you cared to link your account to. This meant that you could access your home computer while at work when you wanted to see or listen to something on the home computer. You could stream the music or download it, or transfer specific photos. A large challenge for this project was being able to navigate through what could be thousands of files and communicate what lived on which device and what state of transfer it was in.

The project was being developed right before iCloud was announced and cancelled just a couple of days before release.