Branding (Pretty much everything) • I volunteer for this organization whose mission is to help animals in distress – if you went hiking with your dog and he fell over a cliff, we're the people that break out the ropes and harnesses and get him back for you. My primary responsibilities are branding, PR, marketing, social media, writing press releases, and working with the press. I also sit on the board and act as their public information officer. Here are some of the projects I've done for them. You can see more about the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) on the Facebook page, especially most of the rescues we have done. 

Brochure • We needed a brochure to hand out at events. Because the group is fairly unique, a lot of time goes in to explaining what it is we do, exactly. People hear "rescue" and they think foster/adoption rescue. The main intent of the brochure is to immediately show what we do. Our audience is potential volunteers, animal owners who may need us, and potential donors.

Stationary • We needed to get a cohesive strategy together for communicating to members and donors. Before this, we were sending thank you cards that had the design of whatever the person writing happened to have on hand – flowers, kittens, whatever. Because these represent a face of the organization, it needed to be fun but professional, and incorporated the group's colors of green and yellow. We deal with a number of different animals and rather than trying to incorporate them all, I went with a neutral geometric pattern. The other advantage to this is geometric patterns make it easy to quickly develop other cards, such as condolence cards. 

Signage • At outreach events, we needed to communicate what we did in the same way we did for the brochures. The audience is the same, though with more focus on educating people about who we are. 

T-shirts • I designed and illustrated a supporter shirt based on the main image that seems to get the point about what we do across the fastest, which is the dog hanging from a harness. It was important to keep this from looking like one of our uniform shirts, which always had the logo on it. A cool story I've heard about these shirts is a member was wearing hers on a walk with friends and someone asked about it. The person who'd asked her about it ended up joining because of it.

Morale boosters • One of the services we provide is emergency sheltering for pets during disasters. For the past two years, we've gone to Okanogan and Chelan to help people who were evacuating the wildfires. Red Cross shelters do not take pets, and many people will not leave their homes without their pets, so we take care of both companion animals and livestock so people can take care of themselves. 

We got extra donations during this time, especially when we were involved in helping a cat that had been terribly burned during the fires. She was found by a good Samaritan and taken to a local vet clinic. She ended up becoming a mascot of sorts for the animal owners of the Carlton Complex Fires. The sticker is one based on one of her recovery photos and sent to people who donated during the fires. The sticker is missing the logo or identifying markings because we shared the printing of them with the vet clinic and another animal rescue who were both receiving donations.

Truck graphics • One of the more fun projects I got to work on was the branding of the van we use. It was originally blank white. The audience is mostly animal owners and volunteers but is occasionally used for outreach.