UX & Visual design • Working on Microsoft's World Wide Events right as the Modern (formerly Metro) design theme was being adopted company-wide gave me some opportunities to apply the design style to mobile phones. The challenge of going to mobile with this project is the many different permutations of mobile devices and operating systems around the world, as well as keeping in mind localization issues and how to handle every possible ratio and size variation. This assignment also included helping the event team migrate from after-event paper surveys to something that could be done on attendee's mobile device.

Mobile sign in workflow
One of the first things I needed to consider with a mobile experience was how to sign up or sign in and how to handle forgotten passwords. 

Original desktop design
The webpage I was pulling from was pretty underwhelming. It's essentially a link farm with little attention paid to making the information appealing. 

Desktop to mobile conversion UX and design
On porting to mobile, I needed to maximize the efficiency of browse as well as make search easy to use with efficient filtering.

Bonus: After event survey workflow
Since I got done with the redesign early, the team needed help with the after-event survey. Previously, the surveys were handed out on paper. The attendee would have to fill it out with a pen or pencil and take it to the registration area to get a gift for returning the survey. The survey had to be manually entered into the system from that point, a tedious task. The new system changed to a scan code that could be posted on a poster or event screen of some sort, and after scan it the survey opened right on the phone and then then directed the attendee on how to receive their gift. Though it was expected they'd still have to make a trip to registration, it still left the way open for other ways of receiving the reward, such as entering an email address or snail mail location.